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Oregon Wolf News questions how wolves may impact Oregon. Read the Oregon wolf recovery plan, research wolf studies, and see wolf news reports from around the country and world. Learn how to identify wolves and how to identify wolf sign in the wild. Learn about wolf predation on deer and elk herds; see livestock predation reports; wolf attacks on pets and humans; read about how to properly deal with livestock depredation on your ranch; learn about the diseases carried by wolves and how to avoid them.

Oregon Wolf Rally March 10

Wolf Free Oregon is planning a rally to protest the invasion of the Canadian Gray Wolf and the damage done to livestock and big game herds occurring across the northeast Oregon landscape. Let’s stop the destruction before it begins. The Canadian Gray Wolf must go by whatever means necessary. Don’t allow the “plague” to begin here as it has in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.


11 a.m. Thursday March 10, 2011 at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife headquarters in La Grande, 107 20th Street. Meet at the BI-MART parking lot by 11 a.m., and then proceed to rally and demonstration at the ODFW headquarters.


Wolves In Oregon

This video clip above, was taken by ODFW on Nov. 12, 2009 in the Imnaha Wildlife Management Unit (east of Joseph, Ore. in Wallowa County). At least 10 wolves made up this pack that ODFW has been monitoring since June 2008. The video was taken from an adjacent ridge across a canyon and shows a mixture of gray and black individual wolves moving up the slope.



More Wolves In Oregon

As of February 2011, the Imnaha Pack now numbers 14 wolves and nobody knows how many wolves have pioneered out to form new packs. The big question facing Eastern Oregon residents is "How soon will wolves begin impacting Oregon as severely as they have impacted Idaho?"



Wolf Management

Wolf populations have exceeded recovery goals in the (NRM) Northern Rocky Mountain and the Western Great Lakes states. Wolves were delisted in most of the (NRM) states and one hunting season had occurred in Idaho and Montana in areas where wolves impacted deer and elk herds and caused excessive predation on livestock. As of August 5, 2010 Judge Donald Malloy had ruled to relist wolves based on a technicality that Wyoming does not have a management plan. Now wolves can not be managed in any of the lower 48 states, wolf numbers are increasing and problems continue to escalate. Most people expect wolf management, the big question is: "When Will It Begin?"


Wolves Coming From Idaho

The Idaho F&G video below shows how fast the wolf population grew in Idaho. In 1995  wolves were released in Idaho. Idaho now has nearly 1000 confirmed wolves, many residents claim the population is actually closer to 2,000 wolves. Elk herds in several management units have dropped in numbers rapidly and wolves are impacting sheep and cattle ranchers heavily. This video illustrates the spread of wolves in Idaho and gives you an idea what may likely occur in Oregon as wolves move  from Idaho and begin breeding in Oregon.



How Much Do Wolves Eat

Numbers vary regarding how much a wolf eats each year. During one USGS Study in Yellowstone Park, 24 wolves were observed for 1 month in 1997 and 57 wolves were observed for 1 month in 1998. A total of 81 wolves were observed for a one month period and 114 kills were observed. This included 106 elk, 6 moose, 1 mule deer, and 1 bison. The average kill rate was 1.4 elk per wolf per month. That study indicates that 1 wolf will eat  17 elk per year. It would require 44 deer to equal the same body mass as 17 elk. At that rate, 100 wolves will eat about 1700 elk or 4400 deer per year, and 1000 wolves will eat about 17,000 elk or 44,000 deer per year.



Annual Livestock Losses

Wisconsin 2010 - Wolves are causing more trouble in Wisconsin. That’s according a new report from the state DNR. It said grey wolves killed 47 livestock calves, 34 dogs, 16 cows, and 6 sheep...(the full story)


Michigan 2010 - Two dogs, 57 cattle, seven sheep and a guinea hen have fallen victim to wolves this year...(the full story)


Minnesota 2007 - Verified losses caused by wolves included 3 cows, 83 calves, 1 horse, 1 foal, 10 sheep, 365 turkeys, and 3 dogs...(the full story)


Idaho 2009 - Confirmed wolf attacks on domestic animals include 76 calves (killed), 7 calves (injured), 14 cows (killed), 344 sheep (killed), 20 sheep (injured), 16 dogs (killed), 8 dogs (injured), 1 foal (killed), 1 goat (killed). Attacks classified as probable wolf attacks include another, 26 calves (killed), 3 calves (injured), 1 cow (killed), 156 sheep (killed), 4 dogs (killed), 2 dogs (injured), and 1 goat (killed)...(the full story)


Montana 2010 - Wolves killed or injured $512,981 worth of cattle, calves, sheep, goats, horses, llamas guard dogs and pet dogs. Four years ago, wolves damaged $73,269 worth of livestock, pets and working dogs. Predator increases have been caused by several factors, all of which relate to wolves. “We have not received any additional funding since the time the population and range of wolves has expanded,” Steuber said. He explained that the “ground tools” government trappers can use to control predators are limited because of federal laws designed to protect wolves in the area...(the full story)


Wyoming 2010 - As of mid-November, wolves have killed a total of 63 domestic livestock and horses, although some suspected depredations, injuries and deaths related to wolf activity are not included in the total. A total of 36 wolves have been killed for livestock depredations by wildlife managers so far. Depredations reached a peak in 2009, when 222 domestic pets and livestock, mostly sheep, were killed...(the full story)

Warning : Videos and News Reports on this website share sensitive stories and include graphic photos involving wolves and prey.



Wolves Killing Oregon Elk

As reported Feb 5, 2011

The weekend finally rolled around, northeast Oregon residents Justin and Jenna couldn’t wait to get out and take some wildlife photos with their new camera lens. The weather didn’t look too promising in Union County so they decided to drive 80 miles east to the Zumwalt Prairie located between Joseph and Imnaha in Northeast Oregon. Justin recalls “We’ve gone to this area numerous times to see the wildlife, we would see herds of 300-400 elk and deer, and many would be only 100 yards or so from the vehicle. Although, I have to say on the last trip the animals did appear more alert, we still expected to see something, so we decided to go for a hike and explore the area more thoroughly.”


After hiking for about 15 minutes Justin and Jenna came across huge tracks in the muddy trail. Justin relates, “There was no mistaking it; we both knew we were looking at wolf prints. We had heard wolf reports from local farmers but still couldn’t believe we were actually looking at fresh wolf prints. Then we began to wonder, is this why there were no elk in sight? Does this explain why the elk and deer were all so skittish last month?”





Justin and Jenna continued down the trail thinking about what they had just seen. Justin explains, “The farther we walked the more wolf tracks we saw. Then right in front of us a group of magpies and a golden eagle flew off of a fresh elk kill. It was a calf elk and all that remained was the hide and some bones with small amounts of meat. About 20 yards away laid the head of the calf elk. We were still investigating the remains when suddenly we noticed three grey wolves bedded in a rock pile only 70 yards up the ridge ahead of us. I knew this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hoped they wouldn’t catch our scent and take off. I immediately began snapping lots of photos.


The wolves remained surprisingly calm; one at a time they casually got up and then just stared at us for several minutes. One wolf finally relieved herself and another took a big stretch, then the farthest wolf began to slowly walk away. The two closer wolves gazed at us a moment longer, then one at a time they turned and slowly followed, none of them looked back or indicated too much concern about our presence. But then again, why do they have to be concerned, they have no enemies.”





Justin added, “After seeing the lack of elk and deer on this historic winter range, I’m very concerned about how these wolves are impacting the elk and deer herds. The wolf groups and the courts have stopped wolf management in other states; we can only hope we will be allowed to control these wolves soon, they are rapidly expanding throughout the Pacific Northwest. I’m also concerned about the effect wolves are going to have on our way of life, it was very clear as my photos show, these wolves had little or no fear of humans at close range in the broad daylight.”


Justin and Jenna both enjoy their time in the outdoors and like photographing the local wildlife, they reside in Northeast Oregon. Justin asked for this story to be shared with the public. Feel free to pass this on to your email lists and anyone in the media.



Wallowa County - First wolf kill in Oregon occured May 5, 2010



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Elk calf killed by wolves and found by Justin & Jenna while hiking.



The wolves watched Justin & Jenna for several minutes at 70 yards.



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